Finnish Lapphund

Rävrackans Ramses 3years

SE UCH FI UCH NO UCH Rävrackans Ramses (Mikko) S28210/2006
e. Punapirtin Upea-Raikuli
u. Rävrackans Zayonara
Hd A, PRA-prcd, negative by descent

Mikko is a dog that we co-own with a friend.
He is a calm and cosy dog, with a lovely personality.
He bacame father of our first Lapp hund puppies in 2012.

  Tamozen Floretta 1 year

Tamozen Floretta (Ronja)  S42768/2009 

HD B, PRA-prcd, negative by descent
e. FIUCH Lecibsin Patentti
u. FIUCH Lecibsin Thelya

In June 2009 Ronja moved in with us. She was born at Tamozen kennel in Pori in Finland.
Ronja is a bit lazy and takes every opportunity to rest,  preferably with my old dad.
  She had two litters and has now retired and lives with my mother.


Cantavia Kangasvuokko 18 months

Cantavia Kangasvuokko (Kilpi) f. 09.08.2013

e. Murustii nan Amos HD A/A

u. Multichampion Shacal Rosmariini,  HD B/C ,Prcd.PRA - FRI/CLEAR

Kilpi is our second Finnish lapphund bitch and she comes from Finland. she is Ronjas contrast and is much livelier.
Kilpi has very easy to learn and love to do little tricks.
She will not get any puppies since we don't think she meets the requirements for a breeding bitch.


Cantavia Utuhuntu 10 months

Cantavia Utuhuntu (S
f. 21.03.2016
prcd-PRA, fri/clear

e. Orso-Farm Kobmi HD C/C

u. Savumerkin Papu,  HD A/A , Pompes-fri


Then Kilpi turned out to be unsuitable for breeding, Petra at Cantavia kennel chose to give us a new puppy and in the summer of 2016 we got Svea. So far Svea is filling up all our expectations since she has a much more outgoing temperament than Kilpi. We also like her looks and think she is a promising young lady.