Eswood Alcantara   1 year

Eswood Alcantara (Tuva)  11.05.2015


e. Eswood Åhhåh u. FI UCh FI AgCh Eswood Quaralia

1 CAC in Sweden, 1 CAC in Finland, 1 Cacib

After a year without a keeshond Tuva moved to Sweden from Eswood kennel in Finland.
In her pedigree you can find our lovely Benito's Hillevi and Lohamras Swinging the Blues and it makes Tuva even more special.
However her temperament is nothing like theirs, I can see that her mother is a champion in agility and that Tuva has inheritad her willingness to learn and to do thíngs at  very high speed

Beyond the Rainbow bridge

Gieriåve´s Jaksa   10 years

10 years

Gieriåive`s Jaksa S26938/95H bitch

e. SUCH Älvtorpets Indiana Jones
u. Älvtorpets Dutchess

Hips OK, Elbows 0

Jaksa and her sisters were born at a breeder here in Arjeplog at the same moment, as we had to put our terveurense to sleep, when she got sick.
And I couldn't resist something as adorable as Keeshond puppy, so she came to live with us.
  A Keeshond is a fantastic friend and a great companion and I think that I have found the perfect dog for me.
Jaksa lived with my parents for her last years.
She died when she was twelve years old.


Benito´s Hillevi   7 years

NORD UCH Benito´s Hillevi (Helga) S54746/98H bitch

e. JWW-98 NORDUCH DKUCH INTUCH Ledwell Rolls Royce
u. SUCH NUCH NV-97 Benito´s Dolita
Hips OK, Elbows 0

When Jaksa was three years old we got our second Keeshond, Benito´s Hillevi, called Helga.
She was even more social than Jaksa, and she was really mine and nobody else's.
Helga bacame the Queen of our kennel, and she was extremely successful in veteran class with several BIS.
She died in 2010


Lohamras Swinging the Blues   3 years

SE UCH FI UCH Lohamras Swinging the Blues (Sixten) S48528/2000B male

e. NORDUCH DKUCH INTUCH SV-99 NORDV-99  Lohamras Hakuna Matata
u. NORDUCH INTUCH SV-99 Benito´s Eleganzia to Lohamra

Hips B, Elbows 0

Sixten was our third keeshond and our first male.
He came to live whit us when he was almost two years. He was a beautiful and very nice dog.

Sixten got five cacib in Sweden and in Finland.
He died only four years old in a tragic accident.


Skarjaks Arctic Angel   3 years

DK UCH SE UCH Skarjaks Arctic Angel (Vilma) S 50826/2002B bitch

e. SE UCH FI UCH Lohamras Swinging the Blues
u. NORD UCH Benito´s Hillevi
Hips B, Elbows I

Vilma was a little lady that didn't live up to her name, she was more like a wild hurricane than an angel.
She loved dog shows and she became Best in show puppy at a national dog show in Piteå in may 2003.
Vilma moved to a family in Piteå when she was two years old.
She died when she was ten years.


Eswood Maple Rush   15 months

Eswood Maple Rush (Rocky) S24292/2005 male

e. AmCh FinUch EstUch FinV-04 Keesbrook's Boldly Go
u. IntUCh FinUch SuCh EstUch NordV-01 FinV-02 Eswood Blueberry-Pie

Rocky was our second male and we got him after we lost Sixten in an accident. He came from Eswood kennel in Finland.
Rocky became Best in show puppy in Sundsvall when he was eight months old.
Rocky died when he was only 17 months.


Skarjaks Bold Beauty   8 years

FI UCH NO UCH SE UCH C.I.B Skarjaks Bold Beauty (Bolla) S 23057/2004 bitch

e. SUCH FINUCH Lohamras Swinging the Blues
u. NORDUCH Benito´s Hillevi
Hips B Elbows 0
Bolla is Vilma's younger sister.oks too.
I love her temperament and the way she lo
Unfortenally she became allergic.
She died in the autumn of 2015 and she is missed.

Dogs that has moved to another family

Bergareds Dreams Come True   15 months

  Bergareds Dreams Come True (Misa) S43497/2007 f.2007-05-11 bitch

e. C.I.B SE UCH JWW-06 Stratus The Philanderer
u. SE UCH C.I.B Lohamras Rosalita
Hips A, Elbows 0, PHPT-positive

Misa was our little princess, but she was a wild princess. When something's happening, Misa was there to check out what it was.
Her temperament is absolutely lovely and she is always "smiling".
She has moved from our family in 2011.