March 2017
In the morning of Friday 17th Älgstigens Inka got her puppies, two girls and two boys.
The same day we went on a trip to Finland to visit two dog shows. On Saturday it was a show for all dogs in group 5.
On Sunday we visited the Finnish Winterdays, the Finnish special show for Finnish spitz, Norrbotten spitz and Karelian bear hound. We showed  Skarjaks Ylvis and Skarjaks Flisa and both did well in the tough competiton.

Februari 2017
I seem to be extremly bad at updating news in english but I can give it another try in this year.
Currently we hope for at least one litter of finnish spitzes.
Älgstigens Inka has been bred to SEUCH Skarjaks Ole Einar B.
Skarjaks Flisa is planned to be bred to SEUCH Blåkölens Dacke later in the year.

March 2015

Älgstigens Inka got her third CAC  and became Swedish and Danish champion